How long can you pilot inside an asteroïds field ?

Space Zig-Zag is an exciting game that challenge your ability to focus, your speed of reaction and the accuracy of your moves.

You are the pilot of a starship lost inside an asteroïds field : you must avoid any collision at all cost !

The starship has a shield that is automatically activated for a few seconds when it bumps into an asteroïd. But there is a price to pay : any collision when the shield is activated take away your hard earned points. You must stay focused at all time, even when you are protected !!

Occasionally an energy orb appears that allow to recharge the shield.

A simple gameplay

Using a single finger, drag the starship between asteroïds. It is better to maintain contact with the screen to achieve a better control.

It is also better to play with the left hand to get a good visibility of the game screen.

Challenge your friends !

Are you proud of your best score ? Share it with your friends, and challenge them ! In the meantime, try to get an even better score !

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